Live wedding painting

Painting at wedding ceremony by Chitra Vaidya - 1	Painting at wedding ceremony by Chitra Vaidya - 2	Live wedding painting was an experience that I will not forget. While I have done several live painting demonstrations at schools, colleges and other institutions, doing a live wedding painting was new to me.

The artistic and unique way to capture memories of a wedding ceremony is to create a live painting at the ceremony . When it is done live, the artist can experience the ambiance, environment and mood of the ceremony. It helps artist, to capture the essence of the event in that painting.

Live wedding painting at Turf Club, Mumbai

Painting at wedding ceremony by Chitra Vaidya - 3	I had been invited for one of such weddings at Turf Club, Mumbai to paint and capture the moments, which had great importance to the couple and their families. It is a challenge to paint the subject on the spot with so much happening there. The bride and groom are in the midst of rituals in a mandap. The guests are meeting each other. Everyone is enjoying the music, dance, lighting, decoration and the food. All this is like a moving screen in front of you. The challenge for the artist is to capture the essence and the mood of celebration around.

The spectacle of wedding painting done live is guaranteed to generate excitement at the wedding venue. People are curious and they love to see how the artist paints and how the painting develops. Art lovers gather around the artist and this is certainly a proud moment for the artist.

I enjoyed the experience of live wedding painting. I did a rapid sketch by composing all important things such as mandap, decoration, figures and the background. I used acrylic paints as a medium on canvas. Filled up the bold patches of colours initially and did the detailed work subsequently.

Wedding painting as the new trend

Painting at wedding ceremony by Chitra Vaidya - 4	I am sure that live wedding painting will be a new trend, which will get popular. Many more parents and wedding planners will want such a painting done at the wedding venue. This will create awareness and appreciation of art. Art will bring beauty, joy and colour in events such as weddings. In my view, such a painting will become one of the most cherished and valued memories of the marriage.